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GAIAMOONS is a collaboration between Paris Observatory - IMCCE, Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur - LAGRANGE and Poznan University. It aims to observe and characterize binary asteroids using stellar occultations. Further details are available on this website.

You can choose to display the events only visible for a specific place or a specific observatory:

Map with IAU observatories can be found on this page.
° (East positive) ° (North positive)
(East-Asia, Europe & North Africa, Oceania, Southern Africa, North America, South America)
This table is a selection of events over the year, and it is possible to change the period during which the events are displayed and the magnitude of the target stars using the blue wheels. Events can be filtered by object ID or name. Event visibility zones can be discriminated.
By clicking on one map, informations about the selected event will be displayed , parameters are : Event predictions are made using the GaiaDR3 catalogue for stars and JPL ephemerides for asteroid orbits. The observed objects will be refined using the NIMA prediction code.